Preliminary plan

Preliminary plan of the Survey:

On site data reduction pipelines are needed, which can provide catalogs to be transferred to servers in China in real time. Original image data will be archived on site, and delivered to data server in China periodically (frequency to be determined);

  1. The sample of clusters are defined in such a way that the size (dynamical radius) ranges in 10’-30’ (to be determined), and the lower limit of d-Scuti strip locates at 19m (if exist, for old clusters) or 5m below the MSTO are covered;
  2. A pilot general survey for pre-selectedsample of clusters, measure the basic physical parameters;
  3. Differential photometry will be adopted though out the project, however, calibration should be done from time to time during the survey;
  4. The number of clusters eventually to be observed are similar to the number of SONG program stars, so that the cadence and duty cycle keep the same as the SONG; Criterion for target selection follows the following order of priority:
  • cluster with well determined parameters;
  • cluster with d-Scuti members;
  • clusters with populated RGB;
  • clusters with populated HB (RCG);
  • richness in binaries;
  • number of member stars;
  • density of member stars in cluster core (for transit);
  • etc… (to be determined);