Delingha site quality

General information

Delingha site is a radio station of Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) started in early 1980s. It hosts a 13.7m millimeter radio telescope and some small optical telescopes for astrometry and solar system object monitors. The site is located at Tibet-Qinghai plateau, and is located about 40Km east of a minor local city Delingha. The geographic coordinate is N37.378001,E97.729697, and the altitude at the site is about 3200m. The radio station has a radio technology laboratory and a mechanic workshop. The infrastructure is very good in general, wide band internet, telephone, video conferencing are all available. It has a number of guest room and a canteen to support stuff and visitors. A site has a very large and basically empty areas. A top view of the site is here, in which the locations of SONG and 50BiN telescope structures are indicated.

Google view of the site

Site view

The optical quality at the preferred site, Delingha, has been tested since the beginning of 2010. Measurements of seeing, night sky brightness, weather were taken and archived. The following plots show statistics based on the tests. More data updated daily is available here.